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Download Adblock Plus now at http://www.adblockplus.org


  • It's Free
  • Optionally leave on "non-obtrusive" advertising
  • Leaves more room for real Content
  • Much less chances of accidentally downloading spyware
  • Works on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Android, Safari, and Opera

See what Facebook and Google look like without Ads when you click "Read More" below...

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5 Million+ Google Accounts Hacked

Over 5 Million Google Accounts hacked and username / passwords posted online!

Find out if you have been compromised here: https://isleaked.com/en.php

Regardless I would still recommend changing all of your Google account passwords immediately!


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Get The Best Free AntiVirus - avast! FREE


Click Here to Download Avast Free NOW!

Why Avast?

  • Rated CNET's #1 Free Antivirus
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Cloud Based (Streaming) Updates Keep You Truly Up To Date
  • Checks for Critical Updates for Other Important Software
  • 8 Shields (Files, Web, Network, Mail, P2P, IM, Behavior, & Scripts)
  • Get Remote Support From a Friend Easily!
  • Google Drive Optional Installation (15GB Online Storage)
  • Boot Time Scan Allows For A True FULL SYSTEM SCAN
  • Recommend Avast and Get FREE Internet Security Upgrade
    (Paid Version with even more features)
  • Web based monitoring for multiple computers
  • Email Alerts - Great if others use your computer!
  • Mobile Version for your Smart Phone
  • Mobile version also allows GPS tracking in case of theft
  • Automatically Blocks Malicious Websites
  • Password Protectable So Others Can't Ignore Virus Warning
  • The Infamous Avast! Sandbox
  • Light on System Resources - Even Older PCs Can Run It

It has always been a close tie between Avast and AVG for the best Free AntiVirus program, but now Avast truly takes the cake. Hands down it is easy to use for even the most novice users with advanced features IT Pros truly adore. As to where to start and which feature makes it the best is hard to say but there isn't a close second in the free or paid antivirus world.

A new and likely of the most comprehensive feature in the 2013 version is checking for other vital software updates! Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Air, Java, iTunes, and others are constantly being updated for security purposes.  They are constantly being reverse engineered as backdoors for viruses as they are a common ground for almost every computer. By reverse engineering these third party softwares virus writers are able to get passed even the best antivirus and keeping them updated is necessary.  When these are not updated even the best antivirus cannot protect you so by Avast helping you keep them updated puts you miles ahead of the game.  When these are not updated you are over 90% more likely to get a virus than a computer with no antivirus software!

Avast! for your smartphone allows you to track, find your lost or stolen phone via GPS, wipe it, and more!  Login to your avast account on their website all for free and completely control your phone even when its not with you!  Search for "avast" in the Android Play Store and find out what your missing.  I will likely write my next article as it is a complete story in its self!

Would you like to get avast! Internet Security (the paid for version) with even more features such as an advanced firewall for FREE?


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New Facebook SEO Video For Page Owners

Facebook has added a neat video on how to help with Search Engine Optimization on your facebook page!

See how to optimize your Facebook Page

Macintosh Malware Follow Up

apple-macintosh-virusMacintosh owners beware and please update your OSx System Software ASAP.
Click here to read about the Macintosh Virus that keeps spreading.  If you are infected chances are you do not know it as there are no external symptoms.  It is suggested you should update your System Software immediately!

Click here to read an earlier post on this virus.

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avastWoo hoo!

Mac Viruses Showing Back Up

java-certificateMac users beware! A new variety of the Mac OSx's "Flashback" Trojan Virus is beginning to show back up!  Mac viruses are usually kept as secrets that Apple doesn't want you finding out about, but they do exists.  With this variety practically no user intervention is required making it by far the most dangerous.  All that has to happen is a user visiting an infected site without having the latest Java updates installed.  Essentially they will see this Java error and already be affected.  No administrator password or further action is neccessary.  The ease of infection is NOT what makes this variant so dangerous.  What happens next is by far the worst part.

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