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Stop Scammers

First things first - Google does not randomly call you to verify a business listing.  Unless you have attempted to claim a business listing on Google Maps.  You will then be called while you are still on the page and asked to enter a verification code.  Anyone claiming to be calling from Google to verify your business listing is wasting your time.  They do not work for Google!  They may or may not be "Google Partners", and if they are they are violating their agreement with Google.  Google Partners is a very easy program to sign up for and allows a person to take Google Certification Exams and link users within a company.  It is also a great tool for finding a company to handle your online marketing.  If you are looking for online marketing, seo, and other business services please click here to set up an appointment for a free consultation.  

If you are annoyed with these phone calls there are a few things you can do:

Google has a great article with more information here: