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Repair Services

We offer full service desktop, laptop, and server repair for all types of computers.  From replacing a failing hard drives, correcting OS & system update errors, laptop screen and component repairs, plus much more! We do it all!

We focus on offering integrity to our customers, and we do not offer or bill for services that are not necessary for the proper operation of your system.  We keep a large stock of common parts inventory such as power supplies, hard drives, memory, and more.  Special order parts such as laptop lcd displays, keyboards, and motherboards can be ordered with overnight shipping and may require a deposit for ordering.

Services Types

Drop Off Repair

Most repairs and upgrades are best suited for drop off service. Drop off repairs are recommended for most residential user issues that are not related to internet connectivity or external devices such as issues printing. Many repairs such as virus removal, update errors, and certain upgrades may involve scans and installations that take extended amounts of time. When repairing your device at our office we can start scans and handle other tasks while waiting on these to complete. This allows drop off repairs to be billed at a flat rate rather than being billed by time. Our flat rates can save you a lot of $$$ vs hourly billing.

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On-Site Service

Sometimes an on-site repair is your only option. This can be the case if you are facing network or internet issues, printing issues, you do not feel comfortable disconnecting or transporting your device, or you may need the faster repair that on-site service generally offers. Regardless of your reason for needing on-site service we look forward to helping you.

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Remote Support

There are lots of cases where remote support can successfully repair issues you may be having.  If you are able to login to your device and connect to the internet then our remote support service may be able to help you.  Remote support is generally the most inexpensive and fastest repair option for lots of issues.  Call 843-997-4335 or message us here and let's see if remote support is an option for your needs. 

Residential and Business

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If it can be upgraded on your computer we do it and usually have it in stock. Most users would be suprised what a simple memory upgrade can do for their system however we don't stop there.  Faster and larger hard drives, processors, and video cards can really boost your system and put you ahead of the tech curve.  Upgrade evaluations are free when appointments are scheduled and done at our office.

Residential and Business

Whether you are just a casual home user, heavy gamer, small office, or large business we have services for all types of users. 

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