Electronics Recycling

The NMB Geek engages in electronics recycling practices.  This often allows you to put cash in your pocket, save valuable landfill space, and help the environment.  Electronics manufacturing has a major impact on the environment and by recycling older or unusable electronics we can reduce that impact.

What We Do With Recycled Electronics

We use a variety of services to recycle old electronics.  Computers are often rebuilt for sale or donation.  In the short history of The NMB Geek (since April 2011) we have provided a laptop to the North Strand Helping Hand and a desktop computer to a patient of Agape Hospice.  If rebuilding or repairing is not feasible then electronics such as desktops, laptops, and cell phones are torn down for parts and then sold or reserved for future use.

We also make sure any data on containing devices is securely and completely wiped and destroyed.

One recycling program that we participate in is Engaged Recycling.

Engaged Recycling